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Anita’s 40th Venetian Themed Ball

Welcome to 2017! We are really excited about the events we already have lined up for the year but most of all we are looking forward to helping old and new clients create unforgettable experiences.

To kick off, I will like to share some of the ways to work with themes.
Where a client has a specific for their event, there are different ways one can work with objects, menus, colours, lighting, structure and create an event that has the clients’ theme as the common thread.

We had the pleasure of working with Anita (and her husband) for her 40th birthday party in November 2016 at the Holiday Day Inn, Elstree. Her husband who engaged our services to help with the planning, designing and coordination of the entire event, had just one request, one mandate ‘I want you to make every thing beautiful’. The celebrant, Anita was also clear on the theme she wanted but left the design, planning, execution and delivery to us.

This is the story of her venetian themed 40th birthday ball:

For colours, we worked with gold, white and black. As it was a venetian theme, we decided to work with feathers and other d├ęcor elements in her colours.

We incorporated a black lace for that venetian texture and added little details such as the votive candle in the mask theme!

The cake of course had to carry the theme. Toyin Opebiyi of teesbakery.co.uk created this lovely cake, that was beautiful and delicious!

Guests were welcomed and entertained with string music.

Even though the colours were gold, white and black, we wanted Anita in a different colour. Wasn’t she simply stunning in this burgundy ball gown?

And with her mask?

Her guests also all turned up in masks and lovely dinner outfits.

The evening was filled with laughter, laughter, laughter as the different star acts entertained guests with great vocals and jokes. But the star of the night was Anita’s husband who took to the dance floor and really entertained with hidden dance moves while Anita watched and cheered.

Now to cutting of the beautiful cake

The food was styled and catered for by the catering arm of Hannah Michael and our waiters delivered an excellent service.

Friends and family members paid lovely tributes to the celebrant. There was so much love and respect in the atmosphere.

DJ Blox rocked! We had to have a hard stop at 1am and guests still were not ready to go home.

It was a lovely evening and by God’s grace, we were able to give Anita a memorable 40th. Thank you lovely Beatrice for all the beautiful photos.

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